About Us



*Please pardon our appearance while we update some of branding. As a new small business, we are always growing, as a result over the next few days you might will notice that Liquid Antiquity has been changed to Liquid Artifact. We think this name best suits our collection for future growth and what we love to create. We appreciate you sticking with us in the meantime.*

About US:

Liquid Artifact was founded by Brett Henrikson in 2020 as an extension of his MFA thesis project with the idea that antiquity was still a rich and fertile place for artistic exploration. 

Liquid Artifact is a multi-faceted body of work and contains traditional cyanotypes, photographic prints and textiles created with the help of digital jacquard loom. The project is about remixing art history. It focuses on images of western classical art and mediates them through technology as a way to break down the space-time relationship that exists between the antique and the modern.  Through these artistic interventions we trace real and imaginary contours of sculptural objects and places out of time.

With the help of Brett’s partner and studio manager Lauren Pitcairn we launched fully online during the pandemic. We found that as 2020 unfolded in front of us, traditional galleries and art fairs, suddenly seemed like a thing of the past.  The Art world seemed to shut down overnight, so we decided to launch our project with the goal of being accessible to a larger audience, not limited to conventional gallery shows.

What makes us special?

-One thing really special about the art we make is we believe that these tapestries are objects that can be used, wrapped up in, and lived with. Our tapestries are art that can keep you warm on a cold night, that you can surround yourself in if you choose, that you can touch feel. To me our tapestries are art with function.   

-We’re not a blanket company. Our tapestries are limited edition works of fine art which have been shown in galleries and art fairs before and during the pandemic.  All of our images have some form of artistic intervention, collage or remixing that happens to them. Nothing on our site is a stock image.

-Our prints and cyanotypes are made by hand in NYC. Every print and cyanotype I make by hand in my studio. The brushstrokes are all unique and it’s a historical process that I’m personally very connected to.  I even curated a gallery show on antique and historical processes in 2017 that traveled to two galleries in Boston & Providence.

-We’re a small business team of two:

-Brett is a full-time artist who his Bachelors in Fine Art from the Rhode Island School of Design and his MFA from the School of Visual Art and has since showed his work in numerous galleries including Untitled Art Fair SF & The Center for Fine Art Photography.  

-Lauren is a graduate of Savannah College of Art and Designs with a degree in Fashion Marketing and a minor in Fragrance Design & Marketing. She has worked in marketing, designing public arts projects, rebranding and brand management.